Cambridge Analytica CEO Post Goes to Julian Wheatland

Alexander Nix, the former CEO who was suspended last month following the release of a video that depicted him touting campaign tactics such as entrapping political opponents with bribes and sex, has officially resigned from his position, according to a person close to the company. Mr. Tayler, who was appointed acting CEO about three weeks ago, on Wednesday returned […]

No, Zuckerberg can’t lie to Congress just because he’s not under oath

While the press and public may have been denied a dramatic raise-your-right-hand moment in Congress this week, Facebook’s chief executive is still under legal obligation to tell the truth. If it feels like Zuckerberg is bending the truth, know that making a false statement to Congress might be difficult to prove given the slippery nature […]

Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop is almost perfect

Acer has certainly come a long way from being a second tier PC company, and the kind of hardware that they push out these days are impressive to say the least. The gaming laptop is a fiercely competitive market segment, and there is quite a number of players out there in the market who makes […]

b8ta unveils Shopify-like solution for retail stores

b8ta, the store founded by Nest alums to sell trendy gadgets, is entering new territory. Today, the startup is launching “Built by b8ta,” which functions as a retail-as-a-service platform for brands that want a physical presence. Building off the success of its own retail stores, b8ta is confident it can provide an easy, cost-effective solution […]

Prevent Costly Car Repairs With FIXD

FIXD is an amazing little device that can end up saving you $1000s in costly, unnecessary car repairs (never get ripped off by shady mechanics again). You simply plug FIXD into your car’s OBD port (on-boarding diagnostics port) – fast and easy. Once paired with their free app on your phone, FIXD automatically starts telling […]

True wireless charging is one step closer with WattUp’s FCC certification

Energous’s WattUp technology has now received Federal Communications Commisssion certification, bringing wireless charging from a distance another step closer. Current methods of wireless charging involve placing a Qi-enabled device on a wireless charging pad, allowing for charging without attaching wires. This makes it easy to keep a device topped up, and makes it convenient for placing […]

No more wasting time typing in passwords with Everykey

Everykey is a tiny bluetooth device that provides virtually impenetrable password security for BOTH password protected websites AND Bluetooth devices. It auto-creates complex passwords, automatically logs people in and out of devices and websites, and protects their passwords using military grade AES 128-bit encryption. The personal and sensitive information stored on devices and online accounts […]

Are you “Looking Forward” to safer driving? Try Huddy!

Huddy is a dash mount for cars that uses your phone to display navigation info in your line of view without obstructing your view. The head-up display (HUD) is a cross between a high-tech gadget and serious safety feature. It’s a dash mount for cars that’s placed in view of the driver’s eyesight. When paired […]

Scientists Discover Carbon Cleaning Technology That Cleans Filthy Lenses Like Magic!

Revolutionary new eyeglass cleaner is flying off the shelves – over 1.5 MILLION already sold. See why this new technology is an absolute game changer for anyone with glasses. Are you tired of viewing the world through smudged and streaked lenses? Not only are dirty lenses frustrating and make seeing the world incredibly difficult, but […]

Save money on cleaning supplies and replacement lenses with Peeps

Peeps is the first and only lens cleaning product that doesn’t damage a lens when used as directed. Peeps works on all types of eyeglasses, sunglasses, and reading glasses. Utilizing the the only cleaning technology used in space – Carbon Molecular Technology – Peeps sets the bar for all cleaners. It cleans hundreds of times, […]