I Use This Face Steamer Once a Week, and It Transforms My Skin

I’m a notorious skeptic when it comes to trying (and subsequently buying) new beauty products, especially when they hit above the $100 mark. I need cold, hard proof that it’ll work, that there aren’t cheaper products out there that’ll do the same thing, and that I actually need it. So when I first came across the Dr. Dennis Gross Pro-Facial Steamer, which rings in at a decidedly uncheap $149, I laughed it off as some kind of luxury scam. A little machine that blows warm steam onto my face in the name of self-care? I wasn’t so sold on it, but the product’s nearly 9,000 “loves” on Sephora pushed me to do more digging.

The brand claims this thing brings the results of a professional facial home by using steam to hydrate, clarify, and detoxify your skin, leaving you with that just-got-a-peel glow—and while you don’t get the luxury of someone going to work on your face and bringing you a lemon water after, reviewers from all corners of the Internet agree it’s the next best thing. I consider my (huge) pores and uneven texture to be my biggest skin issues, and given that I’d yet to find something that really helped, I caved—$149 gone but not wasted.

Using it is simple. Once a week, I set the timer for the recommended nine minutes, turn on my favorite podcast, and essentially zone out. It’s the first step in my skin care routine to really enhance the absorption and effectiveness of the products to follow. A quick steam before I throw on a charcoal mask has been the most amazing combination—after doing so every weekend for three months, I’ve seen real improvement in the size of my pores and my overall skin texture. It also does wonders for hydrating my skin when it’s feeling super dull, tight, or dry. So much so that my boyfriend and I fight over who gets to use it first after a heavy night of drinking and no sleep.

Surely, an at-home facial steamer is nothing short of a luxury investment. But through some critical testing, it’s become a staple in my home. Not only has it proved itself capable of leaving me with clearer, glowier skin, the nine sweet minutes of pure relaxation can’t be beat.

Dr. Dennis Gross Pro-Facial Steamer, $149, sephora.com

Original : I Use This Face Steamer Once a Week, and It Transforms My Skin

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