Essential Phone is available in more countries, including UK and Japan

Essential announced today that it will open up its online store to more countries. Now along with US residents, those living in Canada, France, Japan, the UK and Germany can buy Essential’s products through its online shop. The Financial Times reported last July that Essential was in talks with British carriers and that the UK would be getting access to its first phone before the end of the year, but it didn’t happen. Canada’s Telus carrier has offered the Essential phone for a little while now, but only in limited color options, while Amazon started selling it in Canada earlier this month.



Essential noted in its tweet about the expansion that special terms and conditions apply to these orders. You can find terms of use and warranty information specific to each country here. And Essential also has information on additional terms that are applicable to international orders, which covers topics such as customs, duties, taxes and fees.

US customers finally got access to the Essential Phone last year after a number of delays. IDC reported in February that the company only shipped around 90,000 units during the first six months the phone was available.

Source: Essential Phone is available in more countries, including UK and Japan

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