Real-life Transformers could be coming to an amusement park near you

Any kid who grew up watching the Transformers cartoons wished they could have their own giant robot to pilot (at least, we did). But one of those fans grew up, became a roboticist, and made that wish a reality. Brave Robotics, a Tokyo-based robotics company founded in 2014, just announced the development of J-deite Ride, […]

This Watch Subscription Club Gives Away a Rolex to Members Every Month

Love watches? You’re going to love this. LIMITED TIME OFFER: 50% OFF YOUR FIRST MONTH, USE 50OFF PROMO CODE Get a new watch every month, at a fraction of the cost of retail. Thanks to The Watch Clique for teaming up and sending us these watches. Click here to get your first watch worth $150+ […]

Apple will shutter its last Watch-exclusive store in May

On May 13th, the last Apple Watch-exclusive store will close its doors. The shop, which is located inside Shinjuku, Tokyo’s posh Isetan department store, is one of the three pop-ups the tech titan built when it launched the wearable back in 2015. Twitter user Shotaro Akiba has shared a photo on Twitter showing the department […]

Cult classic ‘Night Trap’ comes to Switch

If you weren’t able to get your hands on one of the 5,000 copies of the campy horror game, Night Trap, for the PS4 last August, fear not! Limited Run Games announced on Friday that it will be releasing the cult classic once again, this time for the Nintendo Switch. Never say never! Night Trap: […]

Vice sets sights on big screen with Motherboard science documentary

Vice-owned Motherboard‘s documentary The Most Unknown, about “the biggest questions in science,” will debut on Netflix after its theatrical run. The publication sent nine scientists around the world to get answers to big topics like the definition of consciousness, what exactly comprises dark matter and where life originated. “The film is an experiment, one in […]

Silicon Valley’s scooter scourge is coming to an end

San Francisco is a city where companies frequently like to try out new ideas. Uber had its start here many years ago, as did success stories like Twitter and Airbnb. So it’s no surprise that San Francisco happens to be one of many cities currently experiencing a new form of transportation: shareable electric scooters. They […]

Netflix is doubling-down on European content, with $1 billion to spend on new shows and movies

In a move that’s sure to please subscribers but annoy traditional broadcasters, Netflix is reportedly doubling its budget for European content, with plans to spend $1 billion on original and co-produced content in the continent, according to the Financial Times.  Though Netflix has not commented on the figure, the news comes only hours after an […]

Leak reveals Microsoft’s new Xbox Avatar system

Microsoft’s new Xbox Live avatars have been on the cards for a while now, with the company last year promising more diversity and customization. Now, a leaked video (allegedly from a former Microsoft designer and since removed from YouTube) has revealed what they’ll look like, plus the editor interface that’ll let you design your character. […]

Google offers access to virtual 3D models of ancient monuments

Historic monuments around the world face threats from natural disasters, tourism and war, which is what led Ben Kacyra to found CyArk — a non-profit organization working to scan and digitally archive ancient monuments. With laser scanning, photogrammetry, drone imaging and structured light scanning, CyArk’s team has been developing detailed, digital 3D images of structures […]

‘Underworld Ascendant’ teaser reveals a reborn dungeon crawler

Ever since veteran developers successfully crowdfunded their spiritual successor to Ultima Underworld, there’s been a looming question: how would the prototypical 3D action RPG translate to the 21st century? You now have an idea. OtherSide and 505 Games have released a teaser trailer for Underworld Ascendant that illustrates how the reborn dungeon crawler will work. […]