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This Watch Subscription Club Gives Away a Rolex to Members Every Month

Love watches? You’re going to love this. LIMITED TIME OFFER: 50% OFF YOUR FIRST MONTH, USE 50OFF PROMO CODE Get a new watch every month, at a fraction of the cost of retail. Thanks to The Watch Clique for teaming up and sending us these watches. Click here to get your first watch worth $150+ […]

I’ve Never Paid Full Price For A Designer Handbag But You Wouldn’t Know It

Handbags are always a weighted topic for the fashion set – most likely due to their exorbitant prices and the ability of most of us to spot some of the industry’s most coveted handheld accoutrements from miles away. I admittedly have a thing for bags of the designer persuasion (no surprise there), though the costs […]

B&O Beoplay H8i

When deciding on a pair of headphones, people either go for an over-ear model such as the Sony WH1000XM2 which surrounds your ears and almost completely blocks noises from the outside world, or an in-ear model such as the Beoplay E8 that snugly fits in your ear canal. On-ear headphones that sit on your ear […]

I Use This Face Steamer Once a Week, and It Transforms My Skin

I’m a notorious skeptic when it comes to trying (and subsequently buying) new beauty products, especially when they hit above the $100 mark. I need cold, hard proof that it’ll work, that there aren’t cheaper products out there that’ll do the same thing, and that I actually need it. So when I first came across the Dr. […]

The One and Only Mascara I Consistently Use for Full-Looking Lashes

Sh*t I Actually Use is where Beauty Editor Nikki Brown and other members of the StyleCaster team wax poetic about the products that make it past their desks and into their beauty routines. OK, so I have a confession: The cult favorite top-selling Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara is not my favorite. I’ve included it in […]

Prevent Costly Car Repairs With FIXD

FIXD is an amazing little device that can end up saving you $1000s in costly, unnecessary car repairs (never get ripped off by shady mechanics again). You simply plug FIXD into your car’s OBD port (on-boarding diagnostics port) – fast and easy. Once paired with their free app on your phone, FIXD automatically starts telling […]

JLab Audio Epic Sport Wireless Earbuds

Listen to your favorite music while you workout with the JLab Audio Epic Sport Wireless Earbuds. These wireless earbuds allow you to focus on your activity by staying in place. The Epic Sport earbuds come with 12-hour battery life to keep up with a day full of activities. When they’re running out of power, just […]

No more wasting time typing in passwords with Everykey

Everykey is a tiny bluetooth device that provides virtually impenetrable password security for BOTH password protected websites AND Bluetooth devices. It auto-creates complex passwords, automatically logs people in and out of devices and websites, and protects their passwords using military grade AES 128-bit encryption. The personal and sensitive information stored on devices and online accounts […]

Lumes Portable All-In-One Projector

Carry multiple entertainment options in one device with the Lumes Portable All-In-One Projector. It comes with a projector, speaker, and power bank, offering you the ability to watch HD, 3D, and 4K videos. Weighing just 370 grams, Lumes is also convenient to carry and small enough to fit in your pocket. Simply use your phone […]

Tikr Snack Activity Dog Toy

Make snacking more fun with the Tikr Snack Activity Dog Toy. Offering a new treat time experience, the Tikr is a snack activity toy that excites, surprises and engages your dog. It even helps to reduce anxiety issues. Complete with a built-in timer, the Tikr comes with holes that fit snacks of all sizes. Just load […]