New Evidence Shows a Surprising Cause of Weight Gain and Obesity

What the rich and famous have known for decades has recently been confirmed by a team at Baylor College of Medicine. They have confirmed the reason why we gain weight as we age (1). This, along with other recent studies, demonstrate that a primary cause of age related weight gain and even obesity is as a result […]

New Weight Loss Pill Claims To Help Lose Weight Easy And Fast. Does It Really Work?

An ever-increasing wave of awareness regarding physical fitness has pushed people towards trying various weight-loss supplements and fitness clubs, but to no avail. Nutritionists and dieticians have been reporting a sharp upsurge in the number of clients, which connotes the increasing public interest in nutrition and physical well-being. However, dietary plans provided by dieticians are […]

Everything You Need to Know About Biohacking Your Body

Taking your health into your own hands is a pretty widely accepted concept these days. Those who are into health and wellness are constantly “hacking” their bodies for the best possible results—whether it’s by using exercise to stay on top of mental health, adding butter, coconut oil, and more to their morning coffee for a natural energy […]

Want beach-ready abs this summer? These are the exercises you need.

Summer is on the way and everyone wants to get that chiseled beach body, which of coures, includes a flat stomach and defined abs. A lot of people (wrongly) assume that to achieve a great stomach they have to do thousands upon thousands of situps. The truth is that’s only part of the equation. Having […]

How to find the right doctor for you

The lousiest doctor I ever visited had a memorable waiting room. Everything—every pen, pencil, clipboard, clock, name tag—trumpeted the name of a big pharmaceutical company. Not once did I sit there without seeing a stream of drug reps file through, roller bags rolling behind, to be greeted warmly and whisked behind closed doors. I stuck […]

This Fitness Blogger Just Proved How Easy It Is to Edit Your Butt in Bikini Photos

Sia Cooper is on a roll when it comes to demystifying social media images. On Tuesday, the fitness blogger shared a before-and-after photo of herself at the beach. She presented two variations: real and edited. In the edited version, Cooper’s cellulite is gone, her waist and thighs are smaller, and her butt is more […]

The Best Marathons to Run in the World

If you’re looking for a good (great!) excuse for a vacation, sign up for a marathon. These days, there are 26.2-mile races in pretty much every city in the country—and beyond. To help you narrow down the options, we selected these three postcard-perfect marathons worth signing up for. Once you register, check out 6 things you need […]