Pat McGrath is Releasing 14 Lip Glosses Next Month

When it comes to makeup goddesses, there’s one name universally on the list: Pat McGrath. Since the launch of her eponymous makeup line in 2015, McGrath’s been consistently giving the people what they want. What do they want now? Lip gloss. Yep, that’s right. If you’ve been paying attention to what celebrities have been wearing […]

This Watch Subscription Club Gives Away a Rolex to Members Every Month

Love watches? You’re going to love this. LIMITED TIME OFFER: 50% OFF YOUR FIRST MONTH, USE 50OFF PROMO CODE Get a new watch every month, at a fraction of the cost of retail. Thanks to The Watch Clique for teaming up and sending us these watches. Click here to get your first watch worth $150+ […]

I’ve Never Paid Full Price For A Designer Handbag But You Wouldn’t Know It

Handbags are always a weighted topic for the fashion set – most likely due to their exorbitant prices and the ability of most of us to spot some of the industry’s most coveted handheld accoutrements from miles away. I admittedly have a thing for bags of the designer persuasion (no surprise there), though the costs […]

Gigi Hadid on Living Without Regrets, Time Travel, and Conspiracy Theories

Gigi Hadid has an interesting relationship with time. She procrastinates, but is a morning person; wants to go back in time to see if it really was aliens who built the pyramids, but believes in living in the moment. If Hadid could, she’d travel through time to skip entire situations, but was more than generous […]

Everyone Looked Amazing at This Year’s TIME 100 Gala

Last night, Time Magazine celebrated its illustrious “TIME 100” list with a star-studded gala that delivered an unexpected rush of beauty inspo. Although all of the recipients–chosen from various industries (fashion, entertainment and politics, to name a few)–weren’t in attendance, we still had stunners like Jennifer Lopez, Yara Shahidi and Padma Lakshmi to convince us […]

The Sweater Netflix Inspired Me to Buy

#ELLEloves is a daily place to share the things ELLE editors love. Because sharing is caring. THE EDITOR Digital director Leah Chernikoff THE LOVE Wool sweater with polo collar SHOP SIMILIAR I think I saw it in a movie or a Netflix show set in the ‘60s: the perfect polo knit sweater. I liked that […]

Here’s Where to Buy Meghan Markle’s Ultimate Little Black Power Dress

I will never stop hyping little black dresses. But even better than itty bitty black dresses are powerful black dresses, ones that you can wear to work, then out, and then to a London Women’s Empowerment reception when you are a princess-to-be. Meghan Markle’s power dress is the Black Halo Jackie O Dress, which designer […]

Travel Like A Pro: The Insiders’ Guide To Vacation Packing

You’ve picked your destination, booked your ticket and the vacation vibes await. But the art of packing? That’s one hurdle we’re still struggling to master. It’s a familiar scene: chaotically cramming every dress, top and hat you own into one suitcase only to arrive with an array of mismatched pieces. And yep, your expensive bottle […]

How White Became the Go-To Wedding Color

In what was one of the most heavily documented weddings of the 19th century, Queen Victoria of England married Prince Albert in February of 1840, while wearing a white satin and lace gown. While she was by no means the first bride ever to don white for her big day, Queen Victoria’s wedding was one of the most anticipated affairs […]

Here’s What to Buy from the Hunter for Target Collaboration

If you’re reading this, that means the long-awaited Hunter for Target collaboration is now live to shop on the retailer’s website. But before you click on over there to get your hands on all the brightly hued wellies, totes, and hammocks your cart can handle, you might want to read this first. Why? Because I […]